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Dynamic analysis of single-degree-of-freedom systems (DYANAS):

a graphical user interface for OpenSees


by Georgios Baltzopoulos, Roberto Baraschino, Iunio Iervolino and Dimitrios Vamvatsikos


Download DYANAS



         MATHWORKS MATLAB version 2015a or newer installed

         OpenSees version 2.5.0 or newer: executable present in the directory [...]\DYANAS\osees\

         TCL/TK installed


Installing and running DYANAS

1. Copy (unrar) the DYANAS folder and subfolders to a non-system location on your drive

2. Go to the directory [...]\DYANAS\osees\ and replace the file "opensees_exe.txt" with the

OpenSees executable file "opensees.exe", downloadable from http://opensees.berkeley.edu/

3. Install tcl/tk according to the instructions found in the OpenSees download page .

4. Start MATLAB and make the [...]\DYANAS\ directory the working folder.

5. Open "main_GUI.m" in MATLAB and run it.

6. The main DYANAS graphical user interface will appear. MATLAB must remain in the initial

working directory of DYANAS for the GUI to be responsive to the user.



DYANAS is a MATHWORKS MATLAB-based graphical user interface that uses the OpenSees finite element platform to perform nonlinear dynamic analysis of single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) oscillators. The scope of this open-source software is to serve as a tool for earthquake engineering research.

The main advantages offered by the interface are ease in the definition of the required analysis parameters and corresponding seismic input, efficient execution of the analyses themselves and availability of a suite of convenient, in-built post-processing tools for the management and organization of the structural responses.

The types of dynamic analysis frameworks supported are incremental, multiple-stripe and cloud.