My research interests are in the field of nucleic acids chemistry and biology. The scientific work is focused on DNA quadruplexes formed by aptamers, telomeres, and synthetic G-rich oligonucleotides. The biological role played by these structures, as well as the potential application as biosensors or electronic nanodevices is currently investigated. Visualizza il profilo di Nicola Borbone

Prof Luciano Mayol (Full Professor)
Prof Gennaro Piccialli (Full Professor)
Prof Giorgia Oliviero (Associate Professor)
Prof Vincenzo Piccialli (Associate Professor)
Dr Stefano D'Errico (Post Doc)
Dr Andrea Patrizia Falanga (Post Doc)
Dr Maria Marzano (PhD student)

Prof. Giuseppe Cirino (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
Prof. Caterina Fattorusso (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
Prof. Vincenzo Cerullo (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Prof. Christophe Pannecouque (Rega Institute of Medical Research, Leuven, Belgium)
Dr. Luca De Stefano (CNR - Naples, Italy)
Dr. Valérie Gabelica (University of Bordeaux Segalen, France)

Dr Nicola Borbone, PhD
Via Domenico Montesano, 49 - 80131 - Napoli - Italy
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