Prof. Antonio Picariello, ph. d.


Research interests

  1. Punti elenco Object Oriented Languages and Systems

  2. Punti elenco Computer Vision (CV) Systems & Parallel Algorithms for CV applications

  3. Punti elenco Education Technology

  4. Punti elenco Content Based Image Retrieval & Indexing

  5. Punti elenco Multimedia Database & Multimedia Information Systems

  6. Punti elenco Multimedia Ontology & Semantic Web

  7. Punti elenco Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analysis

  8. Punti elenco Video Surveillance

Updated papers on dblp (thanks to Michael Ley)

More research info on MisLab

2012 Teaching

Computer Science Foundation

Data Base

Multimedia Systems

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Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Systems

University of Naples Federico II

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Tel: 081 7683826

Skype: antonio.picariello