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Roberta Siciliano was born in Naples on May 12, 1964. She received the Laurea degree in Economics and the PhD in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis from the University of Naples where she is currently full professor of Statistics at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, and mentore of the Research Group STAD (Statistics, Technology, Analysis of Data).

Her research activity is in the field of Multivariate Data Analysis and Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction. She has published more than sixty papers on international journals, encyclopaedia, conference proceedings, and revised monographs. Main topics include Partitioning Algorithms and Decision Trees for Classification and Regression, Regression Modeling, Data Editing, Categorical Data Modeling, Web Mining.

She is in the Editorial Board of Journal of Classification. She acts as referee of many international journals (CSDA, JRSS, etc.). She is ordinary member of ISI, IASC, IFCS, CLADAG. She has served as chair or co-chair for numerous international conferences.

She has been awarded numerous grants for her statisticians group. She was Scientific Responsible of the department unit for iWebCare Project (2006-2008): “Integrated Web Services Platform for the facilitation of fraud detection in health care e-government services” (FP6-2004-IST-4-28055), for INSPECTOR project (2000-2003): “Quality in the Statistical Information Life-Cycle: A Distributed System for Data Validation” (IST-2000-26347). She contributed in other Projects, such as in the Esprit programme TESS (1997-2000) - Automatic system for time-series analysis and forecasting; in the IST Programme VITAMIN-S (Visual Data Mining System – 2001-2003). She was national coordinator of MIUR (Ministry of University Scientific Research) research projects: “Classification and Regression Trees: Methods, Open Source Technologies and Case Studies” (2005-2007), “Knowledge Discovery Methods and Informational Statistics for decision-making” (2003-2005), and “Statistical models for classification and segmentation of complex data structures” (2001-2003). She was Scientific Responsible of research projects funded by Local Institutions (Region, Province, City Hall) in the fields of Tourism, Social Sciences, Economics, etc.

She is in the Research Group for RODYMAN (Robotic Dynamic MANipulation - and EUROC (European Robotics Challenges -