As a member of the COMICS research group, I am (or have been) involved in the following research projects :

INSPIRE (EU 7th Framework Programme) [2008-2010]
INcreasing Security and Protection through Infrastructure REsilience

The goals of the project are to analyse and model the dependencies between critical infrastructures and underlying communication networks and define a self-reconfigurable architecture for SCADA systems.

INTERSECTION (EU 7th Framework Programme) [2008-2009]
INfrastructure for heTErogeneous, Resilient, SEcure, Complex, Tightly Inter-Operating Networks

The project aims to enhance the European potential in the field of security by assuring the protection of heterogeneous networks and infrastructures.

NETQOS (EU 6th Framework Programme) [2006-2008]
Policy based Management of Heterogeneous Networks for Guaranteed QoS

The main objective of the project is the development of an autonomous policy-based QoS management for wired/wireless heterogeneous communications networks aimed to provide enhanced end-to-end QoS.