Mariacarla Staffa

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is a Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. She received the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Naples Federico II with honors, in 2008. She got a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Automation Engineering from the University of Napoli in 2011. She is member of the PRISMA (Projects of industrial and service robotics, mechatronics and automation) and of the PRISCA (Projects of intelligent robotics and advanced cognitive systems) Laboratories, making research in the fields of Cognitive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction. She is mainly interested in exploring computational neuroscience and cognitive robotics to generate innovative strategies and solutions for scientific problems and technological limitations. Her work mainly focuses on supervisory attentional system for executive monitoring and behaviours scheduling, automatic learning techniques based on reinforcement-learning, differential evolution strategies, artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms, multi-robot coordination systems, multimodal human-robot interaction, gesture interpretation, interpretation of Humans' intentions and emotional states.