Roberto PietrantuonoAssistant Professor at the Federico II University of Naples - Dependable Systems and Software Engineering Research Team (DESSERT)

Research Collaborator at the italian consortium of universities for informatic (CINI).

                           Co-founder of Critiware s.r.l.

                                         Cini                                         mobilab                                      

Main research interests

Software Testing

  • Improvement of software testing processes in large-scale mission-critical systems
  • Combination of testing techniques toward defect detection and/or reliability improvement
  • Model-driven testing
  • Robustness testing

Software Reliability

  • Reliability modeling and evaluation of critical software systems
  • Reliability Allocation
  • Reliability assessment and improvement through testing
  • Defect prediction

Software Aging

  • Measurements-based analysis of performance degradation and/or resource depletion in business and mission critical long-running systems, such as: MySQL, Apache Web Server, JVM, Linux, Mail server, Middelware, supercomputer

Contact information

Laboratorio CINI-ITEM, Complesso Universitario Monte Sant'Angelo, Ed. 1, Via Cintia, 80126, Naples, Italy
(+39) 081 676770
(+39) 081 676574