I'm currently involved in the following projects:

GAUSS Project

Project of National Interest (PRIN) "GAUSS - Governing Adaptive and Unplanned Systems of Systems", under the PRIN 2015 program (grant n. 2015KWREMX 002), with the universities of Milano-Bicocca, CNR, Bolzano, Bologna, L'Aquila, Sannio di Benevento, Politecnocio di Milano



European Project ''ICEBERG: How to estimate costs of poor quality in a Software QA project: a novel approach to support management decisions'', Framework Programme 7 (FP7), programma Marie Curie IAPP (Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways) (link). I have been seconded Experienced Researcher (ER) at DEISER, partner company located in Madrid, Spain, for a total time of 6 months



Past Projects

2013-2016: TENACE Project

Project of National Interest (PRIN) ''TENACE: Protecting National Critical Infrastructure from Cyber-threats'', funded by MIUR, with the universities of Roma Sapienza, Milano, Firenze, Parthenope, Torino, Reggio Calabria, and CNR (link)

• 2015: DESTRIERO EU Project

European project ''DESTRIERO: DEcision Support Tool for Reconstruction and recovery and for the IntEroperability of Relief units in case Of complex crises'', Framework Programme 7 (FP7) (link)

2013-2015: SVEVIA Project

Project of Natioanl Operative Program (PON) ''SVEVIA: Innovative Methods and Techniques For Software Verification and Validation of near Real-Time Complex Systems'' (link)

2012-2014: EMBEDDED Project

Project of Regional Operative Program (POR) ''Embedded systems in critical domains'' (link)

2010-2012: Critical Step EU Project

European project ''Critical-Step: CRITICAL Software Technology for an Evolutionary Partnership'', Framework Programme 7 (FP7), programma Marie Curie IAPP (Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways) (link)

2010: DOTS-LCCI Project

Project of National Interest (PRIN) ''DOTS-LCCI: Dependable Off-The-Shelf Systems for Large Scale Critical Infrastructures'', funded by MIUR, with the universities of Firenze, Modena, Roma Sapienza, Parthenope (link)

2010-2011: Iniziativa Software intiative

Public-private laboratory ''Iniziativa Software'', between companies of the Finmeccanica group (now Leonardo) and academia, funded by Finmeccanica SpA, on software engineering topics (link)

2010: Osmosis EU Project

European project ''Osmosis'', Framework Programme 7 (FP7), (FP7 Support Action), to favor the participation of small and medium enterprises (SME) in the context of security (Security Supply Chain) (link).

2007: COSMIC

Public-private laboratory ''COSMIC: Center on Open Source systems for MIssion Critical services'', funded by the MIUR, with SELEX ES and SESM - companies of the Finmeccanica (now Leonardo) group (link)

2007: Scientific collaboration to the COMMUTA project

Project of National Interest (PRIN) ''COMMUTA'' (link)

2007: Scientific Collaboration to the Campania Misura 3.17 Project NET-UNO

Project of the Regional Operative Program (POR) ''NET-UNO''