WiMesh is the software tool we have been developing and using in the last years of research conducted in the field of multi-radio wireless mesh networks. WiMesh allows to:

WiMesh basically consists of four libraries:

Correspondingly, three utilities are provided to easily drive simulations that make use of the routines implemented in the above listed libraries. All such utilities accept an XML based configuration file that allows to define all the details of a simulation. Thus, in most of the cases, running a simulation does not require to modify and recompile the source code of the utility, but it just requires to modify the configuration file. Additionally, WiMesh includes a number of scripts which automate various other tasks such as the analysis of the results and the comparison among different algorithms.

A detailed description of WiMesh can be found in:

S. Avallone and G. Di Stasi. Design and implementation of WiMesh: A tool for the performance evaluation of multi-radio wireless mesh networks. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 63:98-109, March 2016. [ DOI ]

Please refer to the above publication in case you use WiMesh for your research work.

[1] S. Avallone and G. Di Stasi. A New MPLS-based Forwarding Paradigm for Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 12(8):3968-3979, August 2013. [ DOI ]