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Dr. Hossein Ebrahimian
Postdoctoral Scholar
email: ebrahimian.hossein[at]
Non-linear Dynamic Procedures
Time-dependent Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment
Probabilistic Life cycle cost assessment
Former M.Sc. Students
My group focuses on the application of probabilistic methods to civil engineering problems. In particular, we focus on the natural hazards and their treat to the building environment employing probabilistic methods. The group has two main lines of research distinguished by the type of hazard: risk analysis for earthquake-induced phenomena and risk analysis for rainfall-induced phenomena. We employ the probabilistic methods in order to quantify the lack of knowledge in the formulation of the problem at hand. Performing research by using analytical methods, we are particularly keen on the practical implications of our research towards rendering a safer and more sustianable living environment.

I have joined the Department of Structural Engineering at University of Naples in November 2006. I have completed my Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, in March 2003 at Stanford University. My dissertation is entitled Direct Probabilistic Seismic Analysis: Implementing Non-linear Dynamic Assessments, under the supervision of the late Professor C. Allin Cornell.
Fatemeh Jalayer
Associate Professor
Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture, Second Floor
University of Naples "Federico II"
via Claudio 21,  80125 Naples - Italy
phone:  (+39)0817683671
mail:  fatemeh.jalayer[at]
Academic website:

Ph.D., Stanford University
M.Sc., Stanford University
B.S., Sharif University of Technology

The 9-units English-language graduate course "Design and Retrofit of RC Constructions" is going to start Wednesday 20 September at 16:30 in Classroom 3 DiSt.  The course is going to being held on Tuesday (16:30), Wednesady (16:30) and Thursday (12:30).
The 9-units English-language graduate course "Structural Reliability" is going to start on Friday 09/03/2018 at 14:30 in classroom CL-I-5. See the detailed program of the course.
Download the detailed program here.

The paper "Analytical fragility assessment using unscaled ground motion records" by Jalayer F, Ebrahimian H, Miano A, Manfredi G, Sezen H. is published online in Earthquake Engng Struct Dyn. 2017;0:1-25.
Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture
University of Naples Federico II
The open access paper "Robust seismicity forecasting based on Bayesian parameter estimation for epidemiological spatio-temporal aftershock clustering models" by H. Ebrahimian and F. Jalayer is published online in Scientific Reports 7; 2017.

The paper proposes a fully simulation-based framework for forecasting the spatio-temporal clustering of aftershocks based on ETAS models. This research is conducted within the Italian National Operative Project PON METROPOLIS. The support is gratefully acknowledged.
The open access paper "Delineation of flooding risk hotspots based on digital elevation model, calculated and historical flooding extents: the case of Ouagadougou" by R. De Risi, F. Jalayer, F. De Paola, S. Lindley is published online in Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 2017.
The paper "Probabilistic assessment of groundwater leakage in diaphragm wall joints for deep excavations" by P. Castaldo, F. Jalayer, B. Palazzo is published online in Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Volume 71, January 2018, Pages 531543.
The paper "Cloud to IDA: Efficient fragility assessment with limited scaling" by Miano, A., Jalayer, F., Ebrahimian, H., & Prota, A. has been published on early view,   Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics.
Ph.D. candidate Andrea Miano has successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation entitled "Perfromance-based assessment and retrofit for existing RC buildings" on February 6th 2018. Congratualtions Dr. Miano!!!
Dr. Stefano Carozza has recently joined the AIRES Engineering Company. Wishing Stefano the best of luck in his new endeavor!
The 3-units English-language Ph.D. course "Probability and Applied Statistics" is going to start on Tuesday 13/03/2018 at 16:30 in classroom CL-T-C5A. See the detailed program of the course. Download the detailed program in Italian.
Dr. Jalayer has recently joined the editorial board of
Scientific Reports, a Nature Group Publication.
Dr. Jalayer and Dr. Ebrahimian are organizing the minisymposium entitled: "Aftershock Risk Assesment: State of the Art and Future Challenges" (MS #29) in the 7th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (COMPDYN 2019) which is going to be held 24-26 June 2019, Crete, Greece. Contributions are welcome!
Dr. Ebrahimian has recently joined our department as an Assistant Professor, Many Congratulations!
Dr. Ebrahimian has recently joined the editorial board of Frontiers in Earth Science, Geohazards and Georisks Section.
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The news archive:
Dr. Jalayer and Dr. Ebrahimian are  guest-editing a special issue in Sustainability (ISI, IF:2.592) entitled: "Sustainable Assessment and Modelling in Seismic Risk Mitigation" The deadline to submit contributions is 31 of December 2020.  Contributions are welcome!
Journal paper "Intensity-Based Demand and Capacity Factor Design: A Visual Format for Safety-Checking" has been accepted for publication in Earthquake Spectra.
Journal paper "Seismic reliability assessment and the nonergodicity in the modelling parameter uncertainties" has been published in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Volume 49, Issue 5, Pages: 434-457,  25 April 2020.
Dr. Jalayer and Dr. Ebrahimian have partecipated in the second periodic meeting of PRIN 2017 project MATISSE (Methodologies for the assessment of anthropogenic environmental hazard:  Induced Seismicity by Sub-surface geo-resources Exploitation), on February 25th, 2020, University of Salerno, Physics Department.
Dr. Jalayer has partecipated in the Working Groups 1-3 Meeting at Rome of COST Project AGITHAR (Accelerating global science in tsunami hazard and risk analysis),
January 2020, Rome.
Dr. Ebrahimian, Dr. Miano, Dr. Jalayer and Dr. Vamvatsikos are organizing the minisymposium entitled: "Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Procedures for Seismic Risk Assessment of Civil Infrastructure: Progress and Challenges" (MS23) in the 13th International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability(ICOSSAR 2021) which is going to be held 21-25 June 2021, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. Contributions are welcome!
Dr. Jalayer has recently joined the editorial board of Sustainability, MDPI
Journal paper "Empirical fragility assessment using conditional GMPE-based ground shaking fields: application to damage data for 2016 Amatrice Earthquake" has been published onlline in Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering.
Graduate student Carla Becchimanzi has successfully discussed her masters thesis entitled "Considerations About the Use of the Time History Analysis according to the NTC 2018 using Unscaled Records ". Congratulations Carla!
Graduate student Giuseppe Elefante has successfully discussed his masters thesis entitled "Influence of  Sesimic Demand Analysis Methods on the Vulnerability Curve". Congratulations Giuseppe!