Short BIO

Antonio Pescapè is a Full Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Napoli Federico II (Italy) and Honorary Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the School of Computing, Informatics and Media of the University of Bradford (UK). He received the M.S. Laurea Degree in Computer Engineering and the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Systems, both at University of Napoli Federico II.
Antonio Pescapè teaches courses in Computer Networks, Computer Architectures, Programming, and Multimedia and he has also co-supervised/supervised and graduated more than 180 among BS, MS, and PhD students.

His research interests are in the networking field with focus on Internet Monitoring, Measurements and Management and on Network Security. Antonio Pescapè has coauthored over 170 journal (Communications of the ACM, IEEE Communications Magazine, JSAC, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Networks, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TNSM, Computer Networks, etc.) and conference (SIGCOMM, Infocom, IMC, PAM, Globecom, ICC, etc.) publications and he is co-author of several patents pending.
He has served and serves as Chairs of workshops and conferences and on more than 180 technical program committees of IEEE and ACM conferences. He has served as Editorial Board Member of IEEE Survey and Tutorials (2008-2011), he was guest editor for the special issue of Computer Networks on ``Traffic classification and its applications to modern networks''  for the special issue of the Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems on “Internet of Things and Cloud Services” and for the special Issue of IEEE Computer on ``Communications and Privacy under Surveillance''.

For his research activities he has received several awards. In 2009 he was awarded the IET Communications Premium Award 2009; in 2010 he was awarded the best local paper award at IEEE ISCC 2010; in november 2011 he was awarded the TEA (Technologybiz Endorsement Award); in november 2011 he was awarded by Open Source Software World Challenge 2011 for the D-ITG platform; in 2012 two of his papers have been awarded the IRTF ANRP (Applied Networking Research Prize), he was awarded the Best Poster award at SIGCOMM 2012, and he was awarded by Open Source Software World Challenge 2012 for the TIE platform; in 2013 he was awarded the Google Faculty Award for the UBICA (User-Based Internet Censorship Analysis) research project and the Best Student Paper Award at ACM Conext 2013. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Antonio Pescapè has served and serves as independent reviewer/evaluator of research and implementation projects and project proposals co-funded by the European Commision (FP7, Horizon2020), Swedish government, several Italian local governments, Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR), Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Università Ca-Foscari, Università di Verona.

Finally, Antonio Pescapè is the Scientific Coordinator and Principal Investigator (PI) of several national and international research projects and research grants funded by different third-party private industries in the areas of computer and telecommunication networks, network measurement and multimedia.