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Research Interests

My research interests are in the broad area of computer and telecommunication networks, distributed systems and multimedia. More precisely, my research activity focuses on the modeling and evaluation of performance of wired and wireless networks, on the analysis of Internet traffic, and on the security of networked systems. The research activities merge theoretical and practical approaches and focus on developing tools, algorithms, and protocols that make networks and distributed systems easier to manage, more secure, more functional and available. Looking at solving real world and practical problems, my work places a strong emphasis on transferring research results to the community: data, algorithms, and software tools are shared with the community. My current research interests are:
  • - Internet Outages and Censorship
  • - Internet Traffic Modeling and Generation
  • - Traffic Analysis and Anomaly Detection
  • - Performance Evaluation and Modeling
  • - Network Topology Discovery and Attacks Against Routing Protocols
  • - Heterogeneuous Networks
  • - Network Communities and Games

PhD Students

Research Collaborations


  • Dario Rossi (TELECOM ParisTech (formerly known as ENST), France): Impact of sampling on traffic monitoring and analtsis, Traffic Classification
  • kc Claffy  (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), San Diego): Traffic Classification
  • Ernst Biersack (Eurécom, Sophia Antipolis, France): Passive analysis of 3G/4G networks
  • Benoit Donnet (University of Liegi, Belgium): Topology Discovery
  • Nick Feamster (School of Computer Science, College of Computing, Georgia Tech - Atlanta (USA)): Network Neutrality
  • Cedric Westphal (Huawei USA Labs - Palo Alto (USA)): Compression of monitoring data and Information Centric Networks
  • Fabio Ricciato (FTW and University of Salento): Traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Pascal Merindol and JJ Pansiot (University of Strasburgo): Network topologies


    • Rajiv Chakravorty (Systems Research Group, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory): performance evaluation of GPRS networks
    • Roger Karrer (Network Group of the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin, Germany ): analysis and performance evaluation of Magnets WiFi Backbone
    • Prasad Calyam  (The Ohio State University and The Ohio Supercomputer Center): Mutimedia Traffic Characterization and Modeling

Visiting Students

  • Vinh Bui, University of New South Wales Mutipath, Delay and Packet Loss estimation
  • Manuel Crotti, University of Brescia,Traffic Classification
  • Christian Callegari, University of Pisa, Wavelet-based anaomaly detection
  • Xu Tian, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, Automatic Signature Generation for payload based classifiers
  • Valentin Carela, UPC Barcelona,Novel Approaches for Traffic classification
  • Monika Grajzer, Telcordia Poland, Traffic Classification