Robotics Lab 2023/2024
Master's Course in Automation Engineering and Robotics
Academic Year 2023/2024
Instructor: Prof. Mario Selvaggio

Class Schedule

Lectures are taught in person. Microsoft Teams (MT) platform will be used in case of attendance issues, to share class materials, and general course's organization. Students are kindly invited to join the MT class with code ftc3t4c.

Teaching Assistantship

Send an e-mail (using the tag [RL2023] in subject) to the instructor or to the assistant(s) to set an appointment. The assistantship will be provided in person and via the MT platform.

Aim of the Course

In this course you will learn how to efficiently build robotic applications using the Robot Operating System (ROS), that provides you access to a large set of open-source software and tools. Students will learn from partaking in practical activities.

Student learning objectives

Syllabus (updated frequently)

The exam consists of an oral discussion of a technical project developed along the course. For course attenders, classwork and homeworks will be used to assess the student's knowledge. Homeworks assigned during classdays must be completed within one week. Students not attending are required to contact the instructor to define the technical project to be developed in simulation.

Detailed schedule (updated frequently)

Here is a tentative schedule of lectures. Readings and assignments will be added as they become available.

Days Topic Homeworks
Wednesday 20/09
Introduction and

WEEK 2 Monday 25/09 Wednesday 27/09
Programming for robotics
Setup your PC Hands-on class
WEEK 3 Monday 02/10 Wednesday 04/10
- -
WEEK 4 Monday 09/10 Wednesday 11/10 Friday 13/10
ROS – Introduction ROS – Programming ROS – Programming examples
WEEK 5 Monday 16/10 Wednesday 18/10
ROS – Tools ROS – Simulation
WEEK 6 Monday 23/10 Wednesday 25/10 Friday 27/10
ROS – Sensors & controllers Hands-on class ROS - Motion planning HW 1: Building your robot manipulator 
WEEK 7 Monday 30/10 Wednesday 01/11
Motion control of
robotic manipulators

Kinematic control – KDL -
WEEK 8 Monday 06/11 Wednesday 08/11
- -
WEEK 9 Monday 13/11 Wednesday 15/11
- Dynamic control – KDL
HW 2: Control a manipulator to follow a trajectory
WEEK 10 Monday 20/11 Wednesday 22/11
Robotic vision
Hands-on class Computer vision - Open CV
WEEK 11 Monday 27/11 Wednesday 29/11
Visual Servoing – VISP Hands-on class
HW 3: Implement a vision-based task
WEEK 12 Monday 04/12 Wednesday 06/12
Control of Mobile robots
Differential drive mobile robot Autonomous navigation & path planning
WEEK 13 Monday 11/12 Wednesday 13/12
SLAM Hands-on class
HW 4: Control a mobile robot to follow a trajectory
WEEK 14 Monday 18/12 Wednesday 20/12

Hands-on class -

Lecture notes

Click here for the class slides PDF file
Click here for the Setup your PC PDF file
Click here for the week 2 hands-on class PDF file
Click here for the ROS - Programming examples class PDF file
Click here to download the homework 1 PDF file
Click here to download the homework 2 PDF file
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