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I have received in 2014 my PhD degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione of the Università di Napoli Federico II, defending a thesis titled Monitoring Internet Censorship: the case of UBICA [PDF] [bibtex], the thesis supervisor being Prof. Giorgio Ventre and co-supervisor Prof. Antonio Pescapè.
I have received from the same institution my MS degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 2008, defending a thesis about a unified platform for available bandwidth estimation in heterogeneous IP networks, the thesis supervisor being Prof. Antonio Pescapè and co-supervisor Dr. Walter de Donato.
I also work as researcher for the same Department, where I am member of the Traffic research group, led by Prof. Antonio Pescapè, and the COMICS, a research group on networking headed by Prof. Giorgio Ventre; within these groups I closely cooperate with Dr. Alessio Botta, Dr. Walter de Donato, Dr. Valerio Persico and Dr. Pietro Marchetta.

My research interests are focused on networking, more specifically on network measurements, traffic analysis, and Internet Censorship.



Public bigliographic archives: Google Scholar DBLP

International Journals:

Pietro Marchetta, Valerio Persico, Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, "Measuring Networks using IP Options", in IEEE Network, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 30-36, May/June 2017 [bibtex]

Péter Megyesi, Alessio Botta, Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Pescapè, Sándor Molnár "Challenges and solution for measuring Available Bandwidth in Software Defined Networks", Computer Communications (2016). [bibtex].

Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Pescapè, "Internet Censorship detection: a Survey", Computer Networks 83: 381-421 (2015).

Giuseppe Aceto, Walter de Donato, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, "Cloud Monitoring: A Survey", Computer Networks 57(9): 2093-2115 (2013).

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Cedric Westphal, "Efficient Storage and Processing of High-Volume Network Monitoring Data", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2013.

Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Pescapè "On the recent use of email through traffic and network analysis. The impact of OSNs, new trends, and other communication platforms", ACM Performance Evaluation Review - Special Issue on Modeling Dynamic Behaviors of Complex Systems, April 2012.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Maurizio D'Arienzo, "Unified Architecture for Network Measurement: the case of available bandwidth", Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Volume 35, Issue 5, pp 1402-1414, September 2012, ISSN 1084-8045.

Book Chapters:

Alessio Botta, Alan Davy, Brian Meskill, Giuseppe Aceto, "Active Techniques for Available Bandwidth Estimation: Comparison and Application", in E. Biersack, C. Callegari, M. Matijasevic, "DATA TRAFFIC MONITORING AND ANALYSIS: From Measurement, Classification and Anomaly Detection to Quality of Experience", LNCS 7754, Springer, Heidelberg (2013).

G. Aceto, A. Dainotti, W. de Donato, F. Gargiulo, A. Pescapè, C. Sansone, "Combining Multiple Traffic Classification Techniques within a Single Platform", RECIPE Robust and Efficient traffic Classification in IP nEtworks, Fridericiana Editrice Universitaria, pp.1-16, ISBN:978-88-833-8081-5, Napoli, Italy, 2009

International Conferences:

Giuseppe Aceto, Valerio Persico, Antonio Pescapè, Giorgio Ventre, SOMETIME: SOftware defined network-based Available Bandwidth MEasuremenT In MONROE To appear in: IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement (MNM'17), June 20th, Dublin, Ireland

Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Montieri, Antonio Pescapè, Internet Censorship in Italy: an Analysis of 3G/4G Networks To appear in: IEEE International Conference on Communications 21-25 May 2017, Paris, France [bibtex entry]

Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Montieri, Valerio Persico, Antonio Pescapè, Valeria D'argenio, Francesco Salvatore, Lucio Pastore, A first look at an automated pipeline for NGS-based breast-cancer diagnosis: the CArDIGAN approach To appear in: 3rd Workshop on Computational Intelligence Techniques for Industrial and Medical Applications, November 28-December 1, 2016, Napoli, Italy

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, M. Faheem Awan, Tahir Ahmad, and Saad Qaisar "Analyzing Internet Censorship in Pakistan" accepted for presentation at IEEE 2nd International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Leveraging a better tomorrow (RTSI), September 2016, Bologna, Italy. [bibtex entry]

Péter Megyesi, Alessio Botta, Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Pescapè, Sándor Molnár "Available Bandwidth Measurement in Software Defined Networks" ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) 2016, April 04 - 08, 2016, Pisa, Italy.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Nick Feamster, Tahir Ahmad, and Saad Qaisar "Monitoring Internet Censorship with UBICA" 7th International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA'15) Barcelona (Spain), April 2015.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Walter de Donato, Antonio Pescapè, "Cloud Monitoring: definitions, issues and future directions", 1st IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet'12)", Paris (France), November 28-30, 2012.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Walter de Donato, Pietro Marchetta, Antonio Pescapè, Giorgio Ventre, "Open Source Platforms for Internet Monitoring and Measurement", 2012 IEEE Eighth International Conference on Signal Image Technology and Internet Based Systems (SITIS 2012), 25-29, November 2012, Sorrento (Napoli), Italy.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Cedric Westphal " An efficient storage technique for network monitoring data", IEEE International Workshop on Measurements & Networking (M&N 2011), Capri, Italy, October 2011.

Giuseppe Aceto, Alberto Dainotti, Walter de Donato, Antonio Pescapè, " PortLoad: taking the best of two worlds in traffic classification", IEEE INFOCOM 2010 - WIP Track, March 2010, San Diego (CA, USA)

Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Giuseppe Aceto, Maurizio D'Arienzo, "UANM: a platform for experimenting with available bandwidth estimation tools", 15th IEEE Symposium on Computer and Communications, June 2010 Riccione (Italy). (Best paper award - local category).


Giuseppe Aceto, Antonio Montieri, Antonio Pescapè "Internet Censorship in Italy: a First Look at 3G/4G Netowkrs" (Abstract) [bibtex], to appear in International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS), November 2016 Milano (Italy)

Shan Huang, Giuseppe Aceto, Felix Cuadrado, Steve Uhlig, Antonio Pescapè "Detecting Middlebox Interference on Applications" (Abstract), ACM CoNEXT, Heidelberg, Dec 1-4 2015.

Giuseppe Aceto, Nick Feamster, Antonio Pescapè "User-side approach for censorship detection: home-router and client-based platforms" (Abstract), Connaught Summer Institute on Monitoring Internet Openness and Rights, University of Toronto July 22-26, 2013


May 2015: Premio ETIC AICA & Rotary International per tesi di laurea e dottorato, Prize for PhD Thesis on Ethics and ICT ( Announcement -- in Italian).

November 2012: Certificate of Achievement at Open Source Software World Challenge 2012, to TIE (Antonio Pescapè, Alberto Dainotti, Walter de Donato, Giuseppe Aceto), "In recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution to development of open source software".

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